Uechi APM Web


Uechi APM Web is an APM (Application Performance Management) Open Source Server Performance Monitor written and developed in Java and C # for all Linux and Windows platforms. The Uechi.APM.Web offers a complete resource for unlimited monitoring servers in real time. Have full control of the CPU consumption, memory, disk and network traffic. Communication is done via TCP Protocol Socket connection.

See a simulated demonstration by clicking here or visit http://vm.uechi.com.br/Uechi.APM.Web/ address.


Through a Front developed in Web, allows easy configuration for monitoring an unlimited number of servers in real time, still relying on visual alerts monitoring.


The communication is done via the TCP socket. Below is an example Monitor Dashboard with two warnings, a medium and a serious warning highlighted by yellow and red colors.


The Monitor Dashboard updates every “x” seconds based on your parameter setting.


The service is compatible for both Linux and Windows 32bit and 64Bit platforms.


All features are available in the demo simulated operating in http://vm.uechi.com.br/Uechi.APM.Web/ address.



Communicates with the server through socket with TCP making an authenticated request by a Hash Key Encrypted MD5 and requested option, Uechi.APM.Service.Socket.Server makes validation and consultation request requested from the server returning the information to the Uechi.APM.Web.

The configuration of Uechi.APM.Web and made by custom parameters such as time, amount of display servers screen, better resolution setting. The design is responsive, thus be viewed in different types of resolution to other devices such as tablets and phones. The security key settings must be made through a Hash Key Encryption with MD5 128 bits of your choice, then following the communication port and the servers will be done communication, separated by ‘,’ comma. You also has a medium-warning alerts configuration severe being distinguished by yellow and red colors, which can be configured according to your CPU consumption suggestion, Memory, Disk and Network traffic.


Linux version is a Client Open Source server performance monitor for Linux, which responds to requests made by Uechi.APM.Web.


Windows version is a Client Open Source server performance monitor for Windows, which responds to requests made by Uechi.APM.Web.


Below is a flow chart of the general operation of the structure:



Monitoring Web project developed in JSP on the Java platform 1.8 and 1.7 compatible, running on Glassfish Web 4.0 and Tomcat 8.0 server.

Linux version
Customer Service Project Socket in Java 1.8 compatible with Linux platforms.

Windows version
Customer Service Project Socket developed in VS.NET Framework 4.0 supports Windows platforms.

Supported modules:

. Glassfish 4+
. Tomcat 8+
. JDK 1.7 +
. Framework 4.0

Tested and Approved in:

CentOS x86_64 versions 6:07.
Ubuntu x86_64 versions 24:14.

Windows 2003 Advanced Server
Windows Server 2008 R2
Windows Server 2012 R2




. JDK 8 installed
. Glassfish or Tomcat 4+ 8+
. Windows or Linux

Uechi.APM.Services.Socket.Server Linux

Linux-based operating system compatible.

Uechi.APM.Services.Socket.Server Windows

Operating Windows versions Server system.


a) Download the Deploy and publish the Glassfish or Tomcat following the instructions below:

Version 1.0.0 compatible with Glassfish and Tomcat:

Download Deploy War:


Download Compressed:


Note: I’ll use the example of Glassfish, if not installed click here.

b) Access Admin your Glassfish, Applications menu, then click the Deploy button.


c) Click to locate the .war file after selected click OK.


d) Download the file properties:


e) By default the properties file must be in /opt/uechi/Uechi.APM.Web/ directory with the appropriate write permissions to do this do the following procedure:

# sudo mkdir / opt / uechi && mkdir /opt/uechi/Uechi.APM.Web
# sudo cp parametro.properties /opt/uechi/Uechi.APM.Web/
# sudo chmod 777 /opt/uechi/Uechi.APM.Web/parametro.properties
## NOTE: Replace the "User" by default user where your GlassFish / Tomcat runs.
# sudo chown user:user /opt/uechi/Uechi.APM.Web/parametro.properties


Linux version
– Download the package with the Deploy more dependencies and follow the instructions below:

a) Download the complete package compressed into:


b) Follow the steps below to install:

# mkdir / opt / uechi
# mkdir /opt/uechi/Uechi.APM.Service.Socket.Server
# cd /opt/uechi/Uechi.APM.Service.Socket.Server
# mkdir log
# wget https://github.com/paulouechi/Uechi.APM.Services.Socket.Server.Linux/blob/master/dist/Uechi.APM.Services.Socket.Server.zip
# unzip Uechi.APM.Service.Socket.Server.zip -d /opt/uechi/Uechi.APM.Service.Socket.Server/

Decompressing the folder you will have the following files:


c) To start the service:

# nohup java -jar -Xms128M -Xmx3G Uechi.APM.Service.Socket.Server.jar> / dev / null &


If you want to boot with log:

# nohup java -jar -Xms128M -Xmx3G Uechi.APM.Service.Socket.Server.jar> log / out.log &
# tail -f log / out.log

d) To complete the process do the following:

# ps -aux | grep Uechi.APM
## Check what is the process of PID, you can return something like this:
## Root 1989 0.1 5.9 578 225? Ps 14:11 Sep28 java -jar -Xms512m -Xmx3G Uechi.APM.Services.Socket.Server.jar
## In the above case the PID is the second column of the return [1989]
## To kill the process run the command:
# sudo kill -9 1989

e) Key Settings and port can be edited through the uechi.properties file as shown below:

# Nano /opt/uechi/Uechi.APM.Services.Socket.Server/uechi.properties

f) Edit the file parameters “key = 698dc19d489c4e4db73e28a713eab07b” and “Port = 8888” to your desired setting.

Notes: To generate a new Key MD5 please visit http://passwordsgenerator.net/md5-hash-generator/ enter your desired combination to generate a new key.


Windows version

a) Download the Setup MSI package and follow the instructions below:

To download click package from https://github.com/paulouechi/Uechi.APM.Services.Socket.Server.Windows/blob/master/Uechi.APM.Services.Socket.Server.Setup/Debug/Uechi.APM .Services.Socket.Server.Setup.zip

b) Extract the ZIP aquivo for Setup.exe and the MSI.


c) Follow the Setup Wizard steps until the end as shown below:





d) After the installation is complete, go in the Administrative Tools of Windows and click the Services icon, locate the Uechi.APM.Services.Socket.Server click the right button and click start.



Note: The Service will start automatically if the server is rebooted.

e) Key Settings and port can be edited through the Uechi.APM.Services.Socket.Server.exe.config file by default in the folder “C: \ Program Files (x86) \ Uechi.com.br \ Uechi.APM.Services.Socket.Server \ “as shown below:


f) Open this file in notepad and edit the parameters of the <add key = “key” value = “698dc19d489c4e4db73e28a713eab07b” /> and <add key = “Port” value = “8888” /> to your desired setting as below:


Save the file and restart the service as step d.

Notes: To generate a new Key MD5 please visit http://passwordsgenerator.net/md5-hash-generator/ enter your desired combination to generate a new key.

Sources Code:


– Sources are available on GitHub:

Version 1.0.0 – https://github.com/paulouechi/Uechi.APM.Web

Uechi.Service.Socket.Server.Monitor – Linux Version

– Sources are available on GitHub:

Version 1.0.0 – https://github.com/paulouechi/Uechi.APM.Services.Socket.Server.Linux

Uechi.Service.Socket.Server.Monitor – Windows Version

– Sources are available on GitHub:

Version 1.0.0 – https://github.com/paulouechi/Uechi.APM.Services.Socket.Server.Windows


This project was started by the need for a quick simple basic monitoring and target servers. The future idea is to store the information obtained and present a performance history of the monitored servers and in the future maybe even applications.


Camila Nachbar – Camila blog go here or contact by email camila.nachbar@gmail.com.


I thank everyone who is interested to contribute and improve the project.

If you are interested in participating, please download the project and make the necessary implementations. After contact by email, in the case of new versions, we can combine releases of projects.


Uechi.APM.Web and Uechi.APM.Services.Socket.Server Windows and Linux versions are licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0. See LICENSE for complete license information.

Next steps:

1 – Uechi.APM.Web in ASP.NET version
2 – Enhance details of the data on screen.
3 – Encrypt all communication.


Questions or suggestions please or make requests in the comments below or contact by email paulouechi@gmail.com.